Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get about our soaps. If you have any other questions, we’re happy to answer you through our email or over the phone!

Making soap is a basic chemistry reaction.

When you add an acid, which are the oils such as Olive oil or Coconut oil to a base which is the Sodium Hydroxide, also known as the Lye, a chemical reaction forms salt. In this case it is called saponification.

The fun part comes in when you can add fragrance and color to your masterpiece.

We do not use only Essential Oils due to the cost. We have opted for Fragrance Oils as well to help keep the cost down and keep our soap affordable.

Some of our EO are: Lavender, Patchouli, Spearmint, Peppermint and Lemongrass to just mention a few.

We do not use Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Parabens in any of our soap.

All soap uses lye, also known as Sodium Hydroxide, this is the base solution that must be mixed with oil to form the chemical reaction that makes soap, that reaction is called Saponification.

We try to use all natural products as frequently as possible. We have some natural color options such as Micas and Oxides however we also use soap colors approved as cosmetic grade when we are trying to achieve specific colors.

We do have some soaps that have no color added, just ask us, we will be happy to direct you to these soaps.

No, we do not use certified Organic products in our soaps. Our focus is on providing soaps that don't contain harsh chemicals.

Titanium Dioxide is a mineral used in white soaps to prevent them from discoloration.

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that is used in soap and body lotion as a moisturizer.

Sorbitan Oleate is a soap additive that is derived from vegetable sources and is used as an emulsifier to help blend oil and water.

We use unrefined Hemp Seed Oil, there is no THC in our Hemp Soap.

Yes, we keep unscented goats milk soap all the time. We keep it separate from our other soaps to keep it from getting contaminated by scents. Just ask we will be happy to get it for you.

Yes, we have several small decorative shapes like teddy bears and miniature hearts that we can place in small organza bags for any occasion.