About Ridge Hill Soap Company

After 35 years of working in the medical laboratory field, it seemed perfectly natural to start making soap as a hobby. The years of chemistry made the transition easy. Soap making became an art form to me; each batch of soap was an art project. I quickly realized that my hobby had turned into passion in a few short months.
My husband, also in the medical laboratory field soon began to plan soap projects and make suggestions about scents, specifically shave soaps and scents that may appeal to men.

Together we started planning events for spring and summer of 2014, and then on into the fall and winter. As we ended our first year, we realized just how many people we had met that truly wanted our soaps. We enjoyed interacting with our customers and sharing our soaps. We discovered that our customers wanted the same thing we did, aesthetically pleasing soaps that do not contain harsh chemicals.

We’re back for our second year with more new ideas, we look forward to working with our friends and meeting new people.
We already have many events scheduled for the summer. Come buy your soap at one of our events and you won’t need to pay shipping!

We’re looking forward to a great year and seeing everyone in the upcoming months!
– Vickie & Gary Fritzsche